Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Anchoring the roster

It was great that the 2013 Browns had six Pro Bowlers -- Joe Haden, Alex Mack, Joe Thomas, T.J. Ward, Josh Gordon, and Jordan Cameron. But I find it interesting when people use that fact as supporting evidence for the premature dismissal of their head coach, Rob Chudzinski. 

The line of thinking is that with all that talent, the coach should've won more than four games. Overlooked is that fact that most of those guys had never made the Pro Bowl before Chud and his staff got there. Teams typically tout their new hires, including Mike Pettine, by crediting them for Pro Bowlers who played for them, as if that individual success reflects positively on the "mentoring" or "tutelage" they received. Yet Chud sending six guys to Hawaii is somehow a demerit. That's what scapegoating will do to perceptions. 

So in the interest of balance, here are a few other facts about the Browns' 53-man roster that I think better explain their 4-12 record.
  • 49% consists of UDFAs (20) or 7th-rounders (6)
  • 36% rookies/first-year players
  • 72% came into 2013 with 16 or fewer career starts, including 23 with zero
  • 28% acquired 8/27/13 or later, so they weren't even in camp with the Browns.

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